Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the 13th European School of Neuroimmunology (ESNI), which will be held on July 3rd – 6th, 2013, in Porto, Portugal. The school was established in 1999 to provide a European framework for a continuous educational program in Neuroimmunology.

The program of the 13th ESNI course is designed to provide post graduate and post doctoral participants with an update in current topics of neuroimmunological research with high clinical impact, including: success in clinical and laboratory research; role of genes and environmental factors in neuroimmunological diseases; the interface between neuroimmunology and other specialities and diseases; the impact of imaging in the development of basic science; clinical research and clinical practice. In order to foster student participation and networking, the students will undertake presentations, engage in working groups, and translational research topics will be addressed through interactive workshops led by ESNI board members. Moreover, there will also be a focus on careers, funding opportunities and publishing, which nowadays are rather important issues.

Our Faculty is composed of leading experts in areas ranging from basic, clinical and translational research, covering the different topics, with the mission of promoting an open discussion with the participants.

The venue of this year’s course is “Ordem dos Médicos”, Porto, the building where the local section of the Portuguese Board of Physicians is located, next to the main campus of the University of Porto, situated in a typical area of the city where modern streets intermingle with ancient buildings, nearby several bus lines and metro.

Porto is Portugal's second city, located in the estuary of the Douro river in the northern country, and is one of Europe’s oldest cities. In 1996 the city was elected World Heritage by Unesco, being nowadays a renowned touristic destination. With its magnificent monuments, historical sites, romantic views and cruises up the Douro River, rich gastronomy, scents and flavours of the Port Wine cellars and its warm hospitality, the city is like its wine: Unique, Exquisite and Authentic.

We look forward to welcoming you in Porto for this important event.


Maria José Sá & Maria Isabel Leite
Local Organizers

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